Eating/drinking are dynamic aspects of our lives that provide us with the nutritional requirements for achieving and sustaining wellness. The right diet can be a powerful catalyst for stabilizing the body's biochemical balance in order to correct disease. On the other hand, food/drink can be addictive, abused, and introduce toxins that negatively impact our health.

With so many options to choose from and different diets being marketed in our society today, it's important to have assistance with choosing the dietary focus/plan to meet your individual body's needs. Dr. Kopcio has years of personal experience with trying different diets. He knows how challenging it can be to restrict your diet, but is also aware of the many rewards they can be gained from such an endeavor. Being that he is very passionate about food, Dr. Kopcio views dieting as an exciting opportunity to explore new tastes. He believes that food can be simple, healthy, and taste good! His personal and clinical approach is to make better dietary choices in a practical and enjoyable manner.

At Phoenix Natural Doctor, diet plans are customized to take your personal goals into account. Our plans are tailored to help educate you on what nutritional needs you currently have, how to meet those needs through diet, and to provide you with motivation/accountability towards making such dietary changes.


Similar to diet, the choices we make in what to think or how to act can have profound consequences on our health. As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Kopcio is trained to assess all different aspects of a person's lifestyle to determine if their individual choices are promoting or impeding their health potential.

This may include exercise, sleep, occupational, environmental, and/or interpersonal/relationship issues. By analyzing these different aspects of a person's life, Dr. Kopcio can provide educated suggestions for making changes that help to remove obstacles which may be limiting their ability to achieve balance/wellness in their lives.

Because of the interconnected and complicated nature of individual lifestyle, there are many different ways to approach making changes. At Phoenix Natural Doctor, you will be treated with respect to your personal lifestyle choices and recommendations will be made to fit your current capacity for making change is a reasonable manner.