Botanical Medicine:

Also known as herbal medicine, plant-based extracts have been used throughout the world by indigenous peoples for ages and, only in the past century, have specific chemicals been isolated from these plants to create many of the original pharmaceuticals.

As living organisms, plants contain many different constituents that interact synergistically to produce the characteristic nature of that particular plant. Whole plant-based extracts maintain this complex structure and is what gives this form of medicine it's unique healing properties. Just as they act synergistically within the plant, these constituents also communicate throughout our living bodies. Although each plant has it's own individual properties/effects, most plant extracts behave in such a way that balances cellular function. Therefore, they tend to address the cause of symptoms and have a relatively low side-effect profile.

By combining traditional accounts for the many different preparations/uses of plants as medicine along with the modern scientific knowledge of how to maximize the medicinal potential, we now have highly therapeutic plant-based medicine that works on many different levels to heal. Botanical medicine is prepared in many different forms depending on the indication, and can be used for almost all conditions.

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Clinical Nutrition:

Overwhelming scientific evidence confirms the association between nutrient deficiencies and disease processes. Although we get most of our nutrients from diet, there are many cases where diet alone is not enough to meet one's individual requirements for wellness. Our needs vary depending on age, gender, level of activity, dietary choices (vegetarian, vegan, etc), illness, amongst others. Furthermore, the level of nutrients found in our food supply can also vary significantly.

Nutritional supplementation can help to provide for these missing nutrients and offer support for those people who require more for whatever reason. Phoenix Natural Doctor offers specialized micronutrient testing that measures the intracellular biochemical function/utilization of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. This is the most comprehensive nutritional analysis, and only true intracellular function test available. Dr. Kopcio uses this profile and/or other lab tests to specify his prescription of nutrient repletion when deficiencies are found. Nutritional supplements are typically taken orally, but may also be injected depending on the nutrient and degree of deficiency.

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